Effective Tips to Shoot Like Stephen Curry

When you see the tournament of basketball so Stephen Curry is the guard that basically torched the nets. You will notice one thing that one of the quickest shots Stephen has in his college games. So you will see the ball that is splashing through the net. When it is about developing a quick shot, it is all about the movement of eliminating wasting and the motions of excess. When you go in the competitive level you are at very high level. Let's take a look at the stephen curry shooting form.

Keys for Developing a Release of Quick Shot

Before Catching a Ball you Must be Prepared

When you catch the ball you have to bend your knees and you must aligned your feet with the basket and it has to split second right before you catch the ball. So after what you will do is catch the ball and go right up with the shot.

If you will catch the ball and bend your knees after catching it, that waste the time and excess the motion. To block your shot so this will give an extra time to your defender. 

Immediately Put the Ball in Shot Pocket.

In your shot pocket the quicker you move the ball so the quicker you can shoot. This will be done after doing some practice. You need to do more practice and moving the ball into you will shot the pocket and off the catch and also off the dribble. This will be done after doing a lot of practices and practices thousands of time and then you will get perfection. It is very important for the players to do best practice and without that you cannot do it.

First of all you need to do a lot of practice for having a perfect shot because you need to do the practice thousands of times and then you will be able to play the game more efficiently. Then you will be able to catch it according to the movement. If the ball gets fumble by you then the defense will have an extra split and to contest your shot.

In your Shot Delivery You Must Eliminate the Wasted Movement

When you will catch the ball, into your shot pocket it should go immediately. Then you should go right up from there into your shot. In your shot pocket you should not put the ball. Then you will move the ball forward and dip your knees as well. The ball should also go up straight and includes the rest of your body that includes hips, legs and etc.

Try to Drop Rapidly

To get your shot quickly as early as possible so you have to work on a rapid dip rather than a leap into a jump stop that will get you into the air and it will also covers the distance. By involving a sudden crouch, this will display the techniques. When you catch the ball as it returns from the dribble and this will also involve a sudden crouch. 

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